Ebru Sidar photography


Getronagan Armenian High School
When the Water Meets the Mountains
the Ensemble of Silence
to the Nameless Death
to the Nameless Dead
Lost in the Light
Hidden in the Mist
Puy Violent
Middle of Nowhere
the Whispers of old Trees
Silent beauty
Silence of the seasons
into the wilderness
Cold lack
Fly with the breezes forever
Whispers from the Earth Spirit
the Quest of Silence
Call of the Road
a Quiet morning
Whispering together
awakening  in a dream
Cold Mountain
I follow rivers
Forgotten our path
from the darkest depth
Sing me your deep darkness
Crying days
the awakening
Winter sun
World of the kings
Far and away
the Scarecrow
Spirit garden
Chosen one
Father to son
hidden one
The birds
in the misty day
tears of the night
keep me there
eye of the night
Catedral San Sebastian
ancient times
the village
the birds
forgotten memories
we were three people
near the past
where am i?
love in my arms
the sign
the light of the far places
dance with the light

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